Illustration with a hint of philosophy

I decided to show some photos of prints on display for some of my illustrations and give a short description about each one. These prints are made ready to hang, but for the display purpose I made some picture-stands. 

(Click on any image to enlarge)

1. Introspection - Digital Illustration on A4 metal, Illustrator (Vector illustration with digital textures and effects)

We have to take time to notice our feelings, try to understand it and try to discover who we are. Yet, there is never a point in life where you can say you have discovered all that you are. Life is a never-ending rollercoaster with ups and downs that will always affect you. We cannot stay the same forever; otherwise we cannot grow. Some days you just have to force yourself to make a decision, however hard it might be. Other days you just have to let things go and Just Be.. just be in the moment, just be who you are. Always be mindful of where you are in life. 

2. My Stripes - Digital Illustration on 200mm x 200mm metal, Illustrator & Photoshop (My pencil-to-ink-sketch vectorised and digital textures and effects added)

We change the 'colour of our stripes' on a daily basis... we say everything is amazing when it is not really so great; we pretend in moments of insecurity or uncertainty; we try to blend in; the truth is, no matter how much you try to change the 'color of your stripes' you can't change the 'stripes'. Be honest and proud of who you are and show the world that person. Find a way of accepting others for who they are without letting them break you down or change you. Set boundaries. Be honest. Do it from a place of love. Most of all, spread the good vibes!

3. Fishing Time - Digital Illustration on 200mm x 200mm wood, Illustrator & Photoshop (Vector illustration and digital effects)

This was originally focussed on the father-son relationship, but it can certainly apply to anyone. We all know that a beautiful sunset with good company is priceless! Make more time for those precious moments that cost nothing! Go out fishing or watch a sunset with the people you love.

4. Pure Love -Digital Design on A4 metal, Photoshop (Photo edit and scanned painting with digital effects)

This picture is to celebrate women. The women who know how to live & love truly, openly, honestly & deeply. The purest love comes from women who have the wisdom to know when to cry, when to laugh, when to stand her ground, when to listen, when to give advice, when to give comfort, when to set boundaries, when to break the rules, when to give sympathy & when to have empathy and knows how to always be honest. I believe that women are the true warriors of this earth (and Not in the sense of running big corporations/businesses or making the most money). I believe a woman with these characteristics can do the kind of things that can change the world around her in a positive way.

5. Earth on Fire - Digital Art on 200mm x 200mm metal, Photoshop (digital painting)

Wild fires are common in Cape Town with dry summers and very strong winds. I love trees and it is always super sad when you see how easily and quickly it can burn to the ground. The firefighters are recognised as superheroes in Cape Town as they work around the clock in most cases to keep people safe and to get the fires under control as quickly and effectively as possible. I made these designs with this in mind, but also as a symbolic visual of the effects that pollution and global warming have on the earth and an appreciation for the trees that survive.

6. Chase Dreams, Not Diamonds on 200mm x 200mm wood- Digital Illustration, Illustrator (Vector illustration)

This one is for all the dreamers who believe in dreams more than diamonds. Enough said ;)

7. Free your mind - Digital Illustration on 200mm x 200mm wood, Illustrator (Vector illustration)

On my journey over the past few years, I have become more interested in philosophy and just getting a deeper understanding of the world around me. While on this journey I realised how difficult it can be to break down the barriers in your mind that starts forming from a very young age. During your life, the kind of barriers that form are determined by everything that happens in your life; your parents, your school, your religion/non-religion, your environment, personal experiences etc.. It is not an easy process to challenge your own thinking and your beliefs, but it certainly is worth it. To me the process is a lot like (or what I imagine it is like) chipping away at a brick wall, one brick at a time. 

'You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realise this, and you will find strength.' Marcus Aurelius

8. Ink Sketches printed on A4 canvas: Dreams Reality; What Doesn't Kill You; Patience

I did these ink sketches at a difficult time in my life. I knew I had to make some big decisions and changes but I did not have any idea what to do or how to do it. In a money-driven world it seems impossible to take these kind of risks. Making life changing decisions is not easy but if you have people who support you and help you, it is possible. You can't be irrational about it and taking the first step is like stepping into darkness at the edge of a cliff. It takes time and patience to find your way and if you did not die from the fall off the cliff, which is highly unlikely, you will be a stronger person. Have courage and patience, set goals, work really hard and persevere. Accept that you will make mistakes and learn from them. Enjoy the journey.